Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Not enough time !

Not enough time for all that I want for you,
Not enough time for every kiss,
And every touch and all the nights,
I wanna be inside you...
- INXS " Not enough time "

This post should never exist. I just dont have the time for this. In between maddening assignments, group meetings which lead to nowhere,resume prep sessions,arbit CP in class, admiring admirable people(hey i'm being honest!),eating,you tubing,playing snooker,reading an amazing book by Robert Rubin,where do i have the time ?

Which brings me to this entire hoo-hah about managing time.Interestingly, i've noticed i spend more time griping about this than doing something relevant about it. Why ? Maybe i'm super smart, so i can do it all at the last minute, and do well at that. or perhaps, i'm just plain lazy. Or perhaps, comforted that i am from the pulls and pressures of real life where i do a much better job, I'm just well...whining.

Some time back I faced a similar problem at office. It got so acute, I seemed to be slipping away. Thankfully, Dad came across this article in the ET which made lots of sense. The first thing to do in the day, it said, was to swallow the frog. In essence, hit at the toughest job of the day and the work will soon move on.

Problem is,there are too many frogs here...sigh !


Quest said...

Interesting theory about swallowing the frog. DOes it work?

More importantly, how does it taste :)

Satish Bhat said...

yes it does work - and its a good stress buster at that. I dont want to be a gourmand while eating my frogs...prefer to gulp them down !

finding thyself said...

" Not enough time" is an apt title for today's pace of the world. About a month back a polish guy in the process of getting arrested was "Taserised" to death in canada. Guess the police didnt have "enough time to react in a positive manner". you can chk the video online to c today's time management.

Satish Bhat said...

Yeah I read about it on the BBC...most of the times the problem is because we dont prioritize. Take me for eg. I'm writing this comment while i am supposed to be studying for an end term exam ! Hopeless :)

VKM said...

and i am commenting on this when i have a marketing execution exam tomorrow and its the most abstract course we have had till now!

yaardaa "admiring people"? sollu. vekkapedathe....