Saturday, May 12, 2007

Head above water!

The wee hours of Sunday found me in the pool with my group mate. No, we did not have a bet to see who could get into chilly water and freeze to the bone last. See, there’s this time tested tradition of dunking the birthday boy and his/her groupies into the swimming pool. Last night happened to be my groupie’s celebration, and so to cut a long story short, I found myself in a great bath of chlorine. For the second time in a month. And I have a team of 5!

Confidence Intervals. Marginal Utility. Cash Flow Analysis. Kotler & Keller. Covariance. Correlation. Depreciation. LDP. ISB Radio- Zimbly South. Finance, marketing, commodities clubs. Head above water!

It’s been a month since I left campus. I listen to video clips of news, while I’m working the math. Multi-tasking to save the time on newspapers. A far cry from the time mom would be behind me to drop the paper and head for office. Hyd could have burnt to the ground for all I know of. Chennai and the life I left behind seem to be in the next galaxy. New friends made, old friends without touch. Got a mail from a friend few days back asking why I did not make it to another’s wedding? I miss them all, all of them. Days go by. Life’s like that and all that stuff… Now i know what it feels to set up an outpost, an empire from scratch.

Looks like I left the barn door open when I walked out. The horses are bolting!!!