Sunday, November 25, 2007

Count your blessings !

We live in a dirty country. It is corrupt. People trash their garbage at will. There is no civic sense in most of us. Besides castigating a bunch of politicians, and worshipping a dozen FMCG super-salesmen in white, there is little which unites us. We pollute the rivers which we are supposed to worship. We mercilessly cut the trees on one hand, and earn carbon credits on the other. Our neighbors, depending on which direction you start from, consider us over-bearing, sloven, extra-smart, dirty and loud-mouthed. World over we have a reputation for being the only country which is yet to win a Gold medal at the Olympics, despite the legions of sportspersons we send. We are mercilessly blown into bits in trains, temples, mosques, chat shops, laser shows, but have neither the balls nor the brains to hunt these scum and drop them at death’s door, all expenses paid. In short, a country high on hype and short on mojo.

Yet, it is this country that our neighbours look up to in envy. Why they say, you can actually vote out somebody you don’t like! Emergencies to you mean a trip to the hospital! You are champions in maths and science, and wrote the code which runs the world of today! You have the power of the creator, the tenacity of the preserver and the purity of the destroyer!

Riddle me this- Then why in the blue blazes don’t we realize this? And more alarming, what will it take the people of the country to actually wake up? How many rivers of blood shall spring before we understand that we actually have a greater responsibility to the land that nourishes us?

Two instances actually make me write this rant. First, an open letter from the people of a neighbouring nation who have seen glimpses of democracy only to be denied their rights, time and again. Yet, the people there soldier on. Despite the threats of bodily harm and even death, they charge. That is because the worst form of existence is that which has no freedom. And on the other, an all too familiar proof that Wimpistan exists. Yet another series of well coordinated blasts. Only 13 dead this time. For now, that is. Tomorrow, breakfast will see a bunch of all-knowing “Porter analysis” trained heads, clucking their heads in disapproval, cursing the all too familiar politician. And soon, next week will see the presence of yet another term, more PPTs and group meeting and preps. In short, back to work.

Which leads me to the sad conclusion that the people of this country don’t count their blessings. They see not the beautiful country which I can see, not far into the future. If only each and every one stood up, without waiting to see if anybody else is already standing, or moaning that nobody will stand. They count not their blessings, but curse others for their failings.

Freedom was won sixty years back when the people knew that they had lost their all and had nothing to lose. Today’s youth criticize, but prefer their Dominoes,KFCs and cafe lattes. So be it. If only they knew the pride in standing up to their beliefs, if they had any, that is.


VKM said...

India has won 8 gold medals in olympics.

Pittance, but it has.

finding thyself said...

Guess if you are awake.... that is more than enough. Change will happen.