Friday, May 7, 2010

A pluck in time saves nine ! ( Or why I think beauticians should earn more than doctors)

As the mists cleared one fine Monday, I was faced with an existential question from Ms.Youknowwho."Do you think I should do my eyebrows?" she asked. "Do what?", I exclaimed quite unsure of what "do" meant.

The subject matter in question managed to conjure a ravishing arc and knit pattern as K turned a mild ruby.

"I meant should I pluck them?" she explained. Having never undergone this particular variant of torture myself, I proceeded nevertheless to deliver a short homily on why "beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder". That speech delivered, I was off to work. Tuesday spun around merrily and the matter had a decent burial.

Or so I thought.

Wednesday saw the first dark clouds of pensiveness. She worried about me returning late, her sister's board exam marks, cooking etc. Suffice that it required all of my charm (?!)to rein in this wild horse, and by bedtime I was positively blue myself.Thursday saw her burst into rashes and the revisit of that old nemesis -"what do you think of my eyebrows?". "Pretty?"- I ventured weakly. The baleful look I got in return suggested I was losing touch.

Friday thanks to the onset of the weekend saw a cessation of hostilities. Saturday was D-Day. She felt sick, had a headache, low appetite, the works. Under such blistering assault, I even cancelled plans for a trip to the holiest of holy shrines, the National Library.

Suddenly,light dawned and she declared - "I need to go to the saloon".

By now I was too concerned to remark on the logic (blasphemy !) of the act. So off we went.The salons here are interesting due to the fact that a part of them at least is in full view of the passing crowds. This does not bother the women patrons any bit. It is as though a silent contract exists: a bond of non-interference in the lives of another whether deliberate or accidental.

I noted the sparkle in her eyes began to return as she waited her turn. That turned into a bright glimmer as she sank into her chair and beamed at the salon owner who beamed back.As she sank into bliss, I passed time watching the movies playing at the DVD rental next door."Your eyes are shining!" I exclaimed when she was done, more fact than flattery."Yes, did you see the women complimenting me?" she asked. "Er, well yes..." I murmured.

With a "I'm fine now !" proclamation, we grinned and walked back home together.

Thank God for beauticians.