Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mr. Rajat Gupta - Paradise Lost

                                                          Spencer Platt/Getty Images
A man who made a career navigating rookie CEOs through the minefield of corporate politics and strategy was himself ushered by his lawyer into the courtroom where he was sentenced to two years in prison for passing on insider details to Raj Rajaratnam.

Amongst his many stellar accomplishments, Rajat Gupta is responsible for creating an educational institution in India that broadened my mind's horizons, challenged me to surpass my achievements and gave me friends for life. For this, I will continue to remain grateful to him and am distressed to see him go to prison. 

But even in his fall, Mr Gupta taught me that America cares deeply about right and wrong and even though she may commit excesses as a country her people are determined to make amends. Judge Rakoff has re-affirmed my faith in the rule of law; this is perhaps the greatest case study that I've ever learned from.