Friday, February 13, 2009

Why don't I enter politics ?

I love Def Leppard,JBJ,Floyd,Dire Straits and ColdPlay- to sweep the urban yuppie vote

I believe in opening a door for a lady, saying(and meaning) please and thank you- hopefully the women vote

I earned my spurs making money for people(and me)- thats for the business vote

I hail from a modest background,love the land and am proud of it- the rural vote

I've been in fist fights and smashed teeth successfully- the doodh-badam aur lathi vote

You wont believe the previous line if you meet me- the military vote

I'm a veggie, no booze or ciggies - the brahmin/buddhist/jain/vegan vote

I don't have a problem if you eat meat, smoke and drink - the rest of us vote

I'm bald - that will get me the 40+ vote

What am I waiting for?