Friday, June 13, 2008


I should confess to loving my blog. Or rather, the act of writing it. Over a year and half I’ve been able to pour out my thoughts on a variety of issues that I think about and wished that most of my urban counterparts did too. It’s very interesting when somebody reads your blog for the first time. Akin to an expectant father waiting outside the OR, Hindi film style, (perhaps the connection is too dramatic, but you get the idea) you hope that they have a comment or idea which can take your thoughts forward.

Last evening, I found myself chatting with my dear friend R. R professes never to have had anything even remote to do with politics or read my blog, but stumbled on it through another dear friend (Bless you too, Z). R had however not made any comments but had quite a few thoughts to share.

R liked my blog of course but felt that it was too angry, too angsty. Well, considering that all around me I see basic values being jettisoned like New Year resolutions, I guess I can be pretty irritated about urban India’s steadfast refusal to have anything to with the problems of real India. We talked about this and that and said our byes.

But the thought still existed. Should not your emotions transition from despair to hope? The world has enough madmen as it is, does it need another angry blog? Cut to the point, what should I be doing from here?

I think R has a point. Let me move from shrilly pointing out problems to holding out ideas. From hand-wringing in general to cautious hand shaking. Talk less, work more. So from now on, I’ll perhaps really walk the talk.

Lest the reader start missing the fire and brimstone speeches, don’t count on me not slipping a fast punch!

Here’s to a new and (hopefully) improved me.


Princess Fiona said...

as usual..stumbled upon ur blog through various throug most of ur posts..must say i like the old and angry u...dont go changing.. :)

Satish Bhat said...

thanks 4 the comment princess - dont worry,i'll still be angry as usual :) read ur blog too. a very nice and frank read,and whats more you write quite often too!

Princess Fiona said... do u :) but u say that i write a lot as if its a bad thing :P

VV said...

Bhat Rayare, a "new, improved" you?Less shrill? Then where's the fun? I sense in the air, an imminent jettisoning of a resolution

Satish Bhat said...

seems like this resolution will be firmly tested.....
princess, the rest of my friends seem to have forgotten blogging, so i'm glad u write often :)