Saturday, May 24, 2008

Vignettes from Wimpistan

Wimpistan is firmly amongst us. As I write this I’m watching the Big Fight that’s discussing the latest media pet “story” – the horrific double murder of Aarushi Talwar and Hemraj. To be specific, random individuals like you and me, “experts” summoned to this grand studio where pet theories and counter arguments freely handed out.

Let me show some respect to the dead and not stain my blog with my views. To be specific, I have none. I shall only go back to my initial posts here. I had spoken of 4 pillars of respect. Those I want to talk about today are:
1. Respect for the rights of the individual
2. Respect for rule of law
3. Respect for women

A measure of society is gauged by its response to its worst fears. We then see how low it is willing to stoop, how lofty are its pronouncements and how calibrated its response to an issue. More importantly, we see the metrics by which it measures success, critiques failings and gauges its progress.

When, in the case of the Aarushi case we let our faculties adrift and instead chose the easy wrong over the more difficult right not only do we do injustice to the memory of a child who is no longer able to defend her good name, we also create an unholy precedent for the future.

Shall every incident now be judged by the media? Will every investigation be so shoddy and vindictive? What came of the respect for the due process of law and of the individual? Are they subservient to 30 seconds of TV fame? And what of things more important for this nation?

In all this media attention, we’ve quietly ignored issues like the dismal state of Indian agriculture. In a country which boasts of super-smart IITians and MBAs, it is inconceivable that farmers consider suicide an honorable option. Unfortunately, agriculture does not sound sexier than an extra-marital affair, and so we languish.

These days what with time on my hands, I’ve been reading quite a bit. Most pertinent here is the source of Kamala Subramaniam’s book. Sage Vysaga, the author of the Mahabharata sees the incoming downfall of man in the Kali Yuga. Sage Narada visits him at this time and suggests that the only way for man to attain liberation from the horrors that will visit him in his life is to read the stories of the Lord’s incarnation.

This is the genesis of the Srimad Bhagavatam. Given the state of affairs, I think I’ll read faster. Till then, sileo in pacis,Aarushi and Hemraj.


Lavanya said...

Can't agree with you more. The outrageous allegation that a 14 year old girl was cuaght in an "objectionable" position with her servant who is old enough to be her father is quite a nauseating thought by itself. None of them can prove it in a context where the victims cannot defend themselves. Why does the police fuelled/supported by the media bring about a sexual/ extra-marital affair angle to every case? What happenned to "innocent-untill-proven guilty?" Why have we already decided that yes the father was having an illciit affair, the daughter was having an obnoxious affair with the servant!and they pay for these crimes with their lives.
Somewhere we have got to get back to our basics, our values learnt in our growing up years - don't lie, don't cheat, don't wish for anything not yours, be loyal. Back to basics and the whole lot of us will be fine.
Sorry abt this mini-post....needed to vent!

finding thyself said...

Hi Satish,

Interesting post. Reminded of the movie 'Mad City' where Dustin Hoffman scolds his junior for helping a injured man and not filming the incident. She returns the favour by not helping him in the end and concentrates on just filming him bleeding.

The media houses need to get their priorities right. I am baffled by Sun Tv choice of programs. Be it May Day, Gandhi Jayanthi or Independence Day it is only filmi based programs!!! So much for developing the intellect of the masses which i think media channels in third world countries should aim to do.

Shyam said...

Look at the cases pending in a disinterested manner - Aarushi & Hemraj Murder,Dheeraj murder, and Rohit. They are plain murder cases. Had these murders happened when the Sensex crashed or when the inflation reaches 11% which it will, i am not sure whether there would be so much media hype. If the fourth estate becomes irresponsibl, it is the beginning of the end for the common man. watch out ....

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