Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pride and Prejudice

My love lies deep inside me,
and my hatred is deeper still.
I am a lake, placid and cool
fed by streams of turbulence.

My people span the sea,
that an ancient Lord once bridged.
On one side lies tears and martyrs,
the other holds wails and quislings.

Wait,was it this side or that?
Who has strayed from the noble ideals,
enshrined in lore, epics and sung
in the sweet hymns of saints ?

A great war has come and gone,
but victor and vanquished,
on their day of reckoning
will be welcomed alike
by this holy soil.

The fire of a wronged woman,
burned down a proud city.
Let the pyres that still burn,
burnish the Tamil soul
and teach an eternal truth to her people.

People at war with themselves,
need no enemies to do them in.

Martyrs and quislings,
like conjoined twins.
Each needs the other,
a single heart beats within.

So I patiently wait,
for the people of sweet Tamil
to forgive,never forget,
serenity within.