Monday, March 22, 2010

A fool and his money are soon parted...NOT !

Singapore has in the past few months formed several impressions on me - candid, meticulous,law-abiding and forward-looking to quote some of them. Today, I add brutal honesty.

Mom can attest to my absent-mindedness. But today, in attempting to pay some money for a glass of sugarcane juice at the centre Kopitiam stall @ the Lau Pa Sat food market, I managed to successfully leave my purse at the counter. Following was the stuff in it :

a. Employment pass (1)
b. PAN card (1)
c. Credit card (1)
d. Debit card (2)
e. and horror of horrors, my pride and joy- the National Library card!(Not R's photo)

Having left this and reached home after dinner, a good 45 mins later I figured out my error and rushed back. The mental arithmetic was on funds transfers without documents, getting a replacement EP; the works.

So you can imagine my relief at walking back and seeing the elderly Chinese gentleman at the counter and my purse placed carefully behind him. Of course, I did not get away lightly, with him giving me a 5 minute lesson in the hows and whys of keeping the purse inside my pocket rather than on his table, in full view of his giggling daughter and harrumphing wife. I complemented this with profuse sorries and thank yous in English and my broken Chinese. Point made.

Thank you Mr. Chinese uncle.

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