Friday, February 13, 2009

Why don't I enter politics ?

I love Def Leppard,JBJ,Floyd,Dire Straits and ColdPlay- to sweep the urban yuppie vote

I believe in opening a door for a lady, saying(and meaning) please and thank you- hopefully the women vote

I earned my spurs making money for people(and me)- thats for the business vote

I hail from a modest background,love the land and am proud of it- the rural vote

I've been in fist fights and smashed teeth successfully- the doodh-badam aur lathi vote

You wont believe the previous line if you meet me- the military vote

I'm a veggie, no booze or ciggies - the brahmin/buddhist/jain/vegan vote

I don't have a problem if you eat meat, smoke and drink - the rest of us vote

I'm bald - that will get me the 40+ vote

What am I waiting for?


Mahesh Bhat B said...

1.You are not an actor(like sanjay, chiru or captain)
nor any connection with bolly/kolly/molly/tollywood
2.You havent supported any team in IPL (no regard for the game of the masses)
4.You are not from gandhi or from any other nidhi (karunanidhi) family.
5.You havent been to high court or any other court.
6.You dont own BMW 7 series or a yatch.
7.You have not failed 6th std or dropped out.You are well educated (in my own words double MBA champion)
8.You know what the 1-2-3 Deal means.
9.Your left arm throw is relatively weak. That means you cant throw the mike as far as the speaker's box.
10.You still pay taxes and believe in registering companies.
11.Most important - You have not been in jail.
Hence you are under qualified to even join forget winning elections.

Thanking you,
Yours obediently

Princess Fiona said...

hehehehhehe...awesome post...its past midnight on a sunday and im still workin :( im commenting on ur blog on my break time :) and this totally brought a smile to my face!

anycase..loved the post! u got my vote :)

Cynic in Wonderland said...

...where shall i send the vote?

Lavanya said...

Sat, too cool dude! Your bro nailed it though:-) Mahesh Bhat indeed. May give a run to the better known namesake with this kind of a script!

Kau said...

I think if you went to jail once .. you'd almost instantly qualify ..:)

Anonymous said...

I've been in fist fights and smashed teeth successfully - I certainly don't believe this ever happened !!!

stringOfPearls said...

Very funny and Mahesh's follow up comments are a blog entry on their own.

Jen said...

You got four votes and one "!" from me. I shall not reveal the details and shall keep you guessing. God how much i love annoying people, especially the ones that are exploring politics :)