Sunday, April 22, 2007

RollerCoaster !

If there was one word to describe last week, this would be it. Getting out of Madras with tons of luggage was fun enough. Add to that a new city, a sea of faces whose names you need to remember, a 270 acre campus that stretches into infinity, a plethora of clubs to sign up for, and soon it looked like I had a mini Disneyland trip on my hands.

Not that I am complaining though, I just love my decision to let go and swim into the waters of academia. It’s a pleasure to brood over assignments, figure out the next party and work on the upcoming case discussion and presentation. Who says you can’t worry and have fun doing it?

The last week has also shown that boys with be boys and girls will well… be girls. Yours truly managed to hog minor celebrity status by coming second on an RJ Talent Hunt on Campus. Soon, my silken voice shall soothe my fellow mates on the Campus Radio!

But enough of this talk, my books call out to me. Let me get back to caressing their beautiful spines and drink deep of their ambrosia. Yes, I’m in love again – with mathematics!

Moral: Never leave pen and paper to a guy sitting up at 1: 30 am with a night out on his hands and 5 ppts to absorb.


Lavanya said...

Cool! great going RJ! HSBC to ISB is quite a journey:-)!
Hey u haven't smsed me your HYD no nor left a personal mail id...pls do so

Grunge World said...

"this is the official message from the Lord who rules the World of Grunge"

waiting for the next blog..