Friday, February 16, 2007

Valentine Blues !

This Valentine’s Day is one I would love to forget in a hurry. Then again, it’s not so easy.

I knew this day would be different, when I accepted a call to drive someone all over town and back for keeping some mundane family politics in shape. Not that I refused to do it. Next, my car got a Valentine card from my Exide battery, complete with a rose, in the center of the city. Followed by picking up folks from the station in the night to take them to a hospital, where a 2-year-old kid had had his eye removed. And watched his family members weep. To top it all I did the drive, and was a mute listener to a one-hour dirge on social, health and gynecological problems.

Oh, and what about my Valentine? Don’t get your hopes up on that one…

Days like these better be the stuff of a strictly one-time rant. Hopefully my next Valentine’s Day will treat me kindly.

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finding thyself said...

I think u might have lived up to the true meaning of Valentine. Valentine is not about spending a day with ur sweetheart but being able to share love when it is needed. Like driving someboday around the town or staying back in the hospital..... it adds up to being a perfect valentine! U can disagree with me but i feel u might jus have lived up to the true meaning of valentine's day. Why is that we always pictures red roses, scantly clad cupid and candle lit dinners?